The Team

Dr Sarah Riley
Institute of Human Sciences, Aberystwyth University

Job: I study how people make sense of themselves, where these ideas come from and the consequences of using them.
Loves: dancing in a field and eating (not at the same time).
Hates: way young women are encouraged to find fault with themselves.

Professor Astrid Ensslin
School of Creative Studies and MediaBangor University

Job: I teach students in media studies and study videogames and storytelling on the web.
Loves: my twin baby boys, who keep me on my toes 24/7 and make me laugh a lot; playing good games (that aren’t just about shooting and killing).
Hates: how women are turned into mindless sex objects by the media; domestic and other forms of abuse happening to women/girls/children all over the world.

Dr Joan Haran
Cesagen – Emerging Science, Changing Society, Cardiff University

Job: I study how gender, science and our hopes for the future are represented and ask awkward questions about what makes facts factual and what makes fiction fictional.
Loves: North West Highlands of Scotland, reading and talking about reading.
Hates: Obsession with counting and measuring everything.

Dr Alison Mackiewicz
Psychology Researcher at Aberystwyth University

Job: I help other people implement their research projects; I’ve been working on this body image project and next I will be interviewing
couples about surviving cancer.
Loves: exploring everything!
Hates: insincerity 

Dr Yi Gong
Sustainable Places Research Institute, Cardiff University

Job: I study how place affects people’s behaviour and health, and how the environment we live in can be modified to improve our health.
Loves: growing my own vegetables & fruits.
Hates: slugs

zdjecie_1 copy
Dr Sonia Fizek
Web designer for Digital Fictions, video game researcher and project manager at Filmteractive 

Job: I am an independent researcher. I also coordinate Filmteractive, an international event on innovative audiovisual content. In the Digital Fictions project I am involved as a web designer.
Loves: challenges, inspiring people and brilliant new media solutions. And my lovely cat above all.
Hates: excessive modesty women are taught to exhibit from their very early days on.


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