This website is the first stage of research looking to see if on-line stories (called ‘digital fictions’) can help young women think differently so that they are happier about their bodies. Click here for information on what the project involved.

This project was funded by the Welsh Crucible, an organisation designed to develop future research leaders in Wales by supporting researchers to develop interdisciplinary and creative ways of addressing global issues of the day. It is the first stage of a proposed programme of work that seeks to revolutionise online health care interventions.

The Welsh Crucible is a collaborative initiative funded by HEFCW and the St David’s Day Group of universities (Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff, Glamorgan, and Swansea. For more information click here.

Members of transform are also grateful to the support of AberystwythBangor, and Cardiff Universities.

We would also like to thank Inanimate Alice creators for kind permission to use their images on our website.

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